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Vessels of Intention

Vessels of Intention

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From the earliest date,  humans have used vessels to carry water and other essentials.  Starting with our own cupped hands and evolving from found objects such as gourds, hollowed out logs and then, later, pottery and metal.  The decoration of these vessels is perhaps the oldest known artform.  The patterns that have evolved from decorating vessels -circular volumetric objects- gives us the understanding that we are apart of something greater.  In order to understand the decoration on a vessel, the viewer must “see” the pattern in its entirety– even though it is not possible to physically see around to the other side.
Similarly, Sacred Geometry, Sailing (Voyaging), and Environmentalism share the abstract idea that the participant must have faith in the greater system that is not apparent in one’s own singular point of view.

The fact that anyone can simply cup ones hands and create a vessel gives me the knowledge that as an artist, I can apply the use of my hands to create vessels as well.  The creation of this art is not only about the re-discovery of the meaning of making a vessel;  it is about creating meaning as well.

In modern culture, the drinking vessel has been stripped of its meaning to the extent that our fine china (the highest expression of a decorated vessel) sits in our basements and is only occasionally used.  Instead many of us consume our drinkables from single-use containers made of plastic and cardboard which are devoid of any decoration or design except carefully placed corporate messages and we thereby support the  waste of precious resources and contribute to pollution– and to think we are sanctifying these devoid vessels each time we hold them up to our precious lips!

Vessels of Intention are vessels which are made so that we can share our common ancestry, they are about discovering meaning in tasks as simple as holding a glass of water to our lips to drink, and they are about using our own hands to create something that will nourish our soul.  On my blag at vessels of you will find instructions on how to make a vessel of intention using the methods that I employ and also, you may find the inspiration to make them yourself, for your own specific purposes.

  • Of the Vessels that I make, I have a limited number for sale in order to support my continued making of Vessels. For me, the practice is also a form of meditation, so I only produce about one Vessel per day (if that).   find me at  Lopez Village or the