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Sarah Snowden Art

Sarah Snowden Art

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The challenge of designing on porcelain is the shape of the porcelain itself – a bowl, plate, vase, tile. Sometimes it is the porcelain that first says “Paint me” and I need to find its design or scene.  Or, I have an idea which I try out on different porcelain pieces. The shape of the porcelain, the curves and corners, needs to fit the design.  Porcelain is my canvas. Every piece is unique.

The mineral based paint comes in powder form.  It first needs to be mixed with a medium, usually mineral oil or something similar.  A design can be traced or drawn on to the piece of porcelain.  After your first fire, all the design lines are fired off, so it is important to establish enough of the design with paint. I often take a photo at this point to avoid confusion after firing.  One the first painting is done the piece is fired in the kiln at about 1500 degrees.  + After cooling, the second layer of paint is applied, then again fired.  This can continue until the piece is done.  Small pieces can be done in 3-5 fires, but 50+ firings is not unusual if the piece is large and many sided. Multiple layers of paint allow for a richness as the paints are transparent.

My husband and I started visiting Lopez Island since 1997 and became permanent residents in 2017.  My older son has been a resident since 2010, and my younger son moved out to Lopez at the start of Covid-19.