The Lopez Bazaar has been an annual fundraiser for over 35 years, raising roughly 1/3 of the funds needed to run the Lopez Cooperative Preschool. This online space was developed during COVID-19, to give local artisans a platform to sell their products and continue to support the preschool.

The Lopez Cooperative Preschool provides play-based learning environments to children 3-5 years of age. Being a co-op means the families are involved and have a direct impact on their child’s education. Parents volunteer their time and in a typical non-COVID school year there is a parent volunteer in the classroom daily. Parents also form the school’s board, which is responsible for duties such as hiring teachers, increasing tuition, and making major school purchases. Additionally, the preschool provides parent education that supports the families and teachers while offering invaluable advice both in class and through parent-education sessions.

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